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999The Scientific Research Institute implements programs of additional vocational training for professional development designed for:

  • Inspectors of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation;
  • Auditors and inspectors of control and audit bodies of the federal subjects and municipal entities of the Russian Federation;
  • Employees of state authority bodies, state-owned corporations, budgetary establishments, banks and other business entities, etc;
  • Specialists of the supreme bodies of financial control of foreign states100
  • Budgetary control
  • State financial control and efficiency of financial verification
  • State financial control: management of budgetary resources in the federal subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Value for money audit in the exercise of state and municipal control
  • Strategic audit: methodology, planning, organization
  • Internal and external financial control: planning, organization, interaction
  • Performance audit of state and municipal procurement
  • Interaction with the investigating authorities in the prevention, detection and suppression of crimes in the fiscal area
  • The role and place of external financial control in the anti-corruption policy of the state
  • Revision control over financial and economic activities of a legal entity
  • Internal control and audit of lending institutions
  • Contract system of state and municipal procurement
  • Mandatory audit in modern practice
  • Practice of internal auditing
  • Accounting in state-financed organizations
  • Budgetary control and budgetary accounting
  • Security audit of a company
  • Corporate relations in publicly owned corporations

Preparation of the teaching staff in postgraduate school – postgraduate study

The institute provides training courses for the research and educational staff in postgraduate study with a specialization in economics and law. More than 70 graduate students and competitors are trained in the postgraduate study of the NII SP.


The NIISP organizes webinars, online seminars and video conferences for distance learning.

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