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The NII SP carried out more than 1 600 research projects for the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and other organizations.
088The human and scientific potential of tne Scientific Research Institute is represented by highly qualified specialists in the field of public audit, economics, law.



The scientific research conducted by the Institute includes the following:

◾methodological and organizational support of the control and expert analytical activities of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Control and Accounts Bodies of the RF subjects and municipal entities;

◾study of types of audit, their structure and functions;

◾general methodological and methodical study of the internal organizational activities of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation;

◾analysis of the activities of external financial control institutions of foreign states;

◾research aimed at improving the budget process in the Russian Federation as well as interbudgetary relations;

◾research aimed at the effective use of the financial resources of the Russian Federation and the modernization of production in the Russian economy, as well as the effective use of the financial resources of organizations;

◾creation of research and information systems for evaluation and visualization of the indices and indicators in social economic development of the Russian Federation and the federal subjects.

 The scientific research has the following objectives:

◾to improve the budget process;

◾to advance efficiency of the revenues and expenditures of the budget of the Russian Federation;

◾to assess the efficiency of the tax relief system (preferences);

◾to assess non-tax revenues, to develop the system of evaluation criteria for the efficiency of  governmental programs;

◾to implement investment projects, to use foreign experience in managing the pension fund and the reserve fund;

◾to promote the deoffshorization of the Russian economy, to develop federal information systems and projects, to analyze the government securities market of the Russian Federation;

◾to develop a methodology for assessing the economic activity of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;

◾to improve efficiency of the internal audit performed by external state auditors.